Kadence specializes in the design and production of storage components for VAR's and OEM's. For our customers, the following services are offered:
  • Design and Engineering
  • Prototypes
  • Production, Test and Integration

Design and Engineering:

  • Convert OEM's conceptual design for implementation
  • Storage controllers and protocol converters - FC, SCSI, IDE, USB
  • Storage enclosure management design (HW/SW to monitor, control, alarm, display, status)
  • Product specifications, schematics capture, multi-layer PCB layout
  • Design for EMI compatibility and safety.


  • Procure components, assembly and test.

Production, Test and Integration:

  • Quick turn and inexpensive
  • Test programs/procedures to verify design integrity.
  • Pilot production with aggressive pricing and delivery schedules
  • Host/server integration as per customer requirements
  • Drive/peripheral integration as per customer requirements
  • Burn-in and functional testing including fault isolation and repair.



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